About the Artist

Photograph by Darryl A. Smith

Photograph by Darryl A. Smith


Unconventional Reliefs

The Unconventional Relief series evolved while Frank Williams was struggling with his health. He had two back to back strokes and heart surgery. With these physical restrictions he was forced to sit all day. His hope was to create art again and make a full recovery. Limited but not completely handicapped, he started working with wood and enamel paints.

While working in this medium, his primary goal was to marry the figure with abstraction. Forms were built up slowly, with close attention to fine detail. The construction of these Reliefs allowed Frank to have a stronger and more emotional connection with his work. His primary focus was on the paint’s  fluidity, motion and the growth it conveyed when dry. Williams allowed his pieces to form organically, specifically addressing the viewers intimately.

Frank is interested in the different moods conveyed by light and color. Color expresses a state of mind; it embraces form for its associative values. It is in these Reliefs that he harmonized light and dark, transforming them into woven tapestries of color.

Frank Williams loves using paint in a vibrant manner to express himself. He shares this passion with some artists of the past, for example, Jackson Pollock,  Mark Rothko and Eugene Von Bruenchenhein. Frank believes that these artists captured kinetic energy, they celebrated paint for its inherent qualities by illuminating its dynamic nature.

The unconventional Artists that have affected Frank’s artwork the most are Jean Arp, Elizabeth Murray, Nancy Ruben, Georg Herold and Rebecca Rubalcava Williams. Their use and understanding of the power of imagination has helped Frank go beyond the usual parameter established by art history. This has allowed him to stay on the edge in his creative processes, giving him the freedom to discover his own identity as an artist. What Frank has brought to this series of Unconventional Reliefs is their transformation into icons that has brought out his own spiritual quality.

This Unconventional series has taken on a life of it’s own, representing the untapped power of both traditional and non-traditional media, as well as Frank’s personal journey as an artist who embraces change and undiscovered experiences. This new found freedom and flexibility, without boundaries is what he desires. There is a unique vibrancy and enthusiasm for the creative potential of his materials. Drawing from both past and present experiences, freeing his conscious and resting into subconsciousness, Williams feels at peace with this process.


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